• Can I Us EasyBitPay to Accept Donations?

    With EasyBitpay you can accept crypto donations for your charity or organisation.
    Yes, EasyBitpay crypto payments solution is fully suitable for charities and non-profit organisations, and can help you increase your fundraising revenue.

  • What services does EasyBitpay provide?

    Crypto Payments - Accept cryptocurrency payments on your website, and store. Invoice Payment - Easily request crypto payments to your customers via invoices. The payer will receive a request to complete the payment in cryptocurrencies and you will receive the funds in fiat or crypto, depending on your business’ preferred settlement option. Crypto Payouts - Pay your employees, merchants or vendors in crypto. Fiat Payouts - Receive your payments in stable fiat currencies.

  • What networks does EasyBitpay support?

    EasyBitpay currently supports the most popular networks used across the globe: The Bitcoin Network Ethereum Network (ERC20) Polygon Network Tron Network (TRC20) and Lightning Network What wallets do you support? EasyBitpay supports all crypto wallets on the market EasyBitpay offers a fully wallet agnostic crypto payment solution, meaning your customers are able to pay from any existing crypto wallet.

  • How can I access EasyBitpay services?

    Sign up instantly for a free account or request a demo session to learn more about our services.
    Request a demo call to explore our services Alternatively, if you want to learn more about how our services work or explore how we can help you grow your business and attract new customers, simply get touch with our team to book a free demo call. We will be happy to discuss your business needs and guide you step-by-step on this journey to tap into the growing crypto market.

  • What fees will I have to pay to use EasyBitpay services?

    At EasyBitpay, we charge a flat 1% transaction fee on all payments and payouts.
    We charge a flat 1% transaction fee for both our crypto payments and payouts services. However, this fee may be lowered depending on your business' sales volume.
    If you'd like to discuss EasyBitpay fees and learn more about our volume-based pricing packages, please get in touch with us [email protected] or by filling out our Contact form available here and we will get in touch with you shortly after receiving your request.

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