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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

We will provide you with the possibility of connecting your store to the cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Bitcoin Payment Gateway

tron Payment Gateway

ethereum Payment Gateway

tether Payment Gateway

Polygon Payment Gateway

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Easybitpay features

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

We provide special services to expand your business

Easy Register

With just one Google account, your registration is complete.

High speed

We give you high speed in the payment process

new customers

Attract customers interested in Cryptocurrency to your store

Powerful system

We offer the best Cryptocurrency payment gateway


We will progress and be updated with the future


Allow your users to choose to be more satisfied.

Supported currencies

Payment Gateways

Bitcoin Gateway

Payment Gateway for all Bitcoin lover

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. Now, using Isibitpi, you can have a Bitcoin payment gateway and encourage your users to pay via Bitcoin. This will help you attract more customers and satisfy them.

Ethereum Gateway

Payment Gateway for a big currency

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. Now, using Isibitpi, you can have a Bitcoin payment gateway and encourage your users to pay via Bitcoin. This will help you attract more customers and satisfy them.

Tether Gateway

Payment Gateway for Biggest stable coin

Tether is the largest stable coin and is widely used in cryptocurrency transactions. Easybitpay offers you Tether Gateway so that you can get a share of these transactions.

Tron Payment Gateway

Accept Tron(TRX) at your store

Tron is a large and popular blockchain. You can accept Tron in your store and expand your customers


Total Transections


People Registered


Business Grow


Money Rolling

Just three steps to success

Payment gateway in the simplest way

Getting a Cryptocurrency payment gateway has become easier


Authenticate and receive your payment gateway. Did you expect more steps?

Connect the payment gateway

Connect the payment gateway to the site. Welcome to the world of Cryptocurrency payment gateway

Earn Money

Bring customers to your site with new thinking and start making money

Payment gateway for the future

Easybitpay is programmed to meet the needs of many users. Our team is constantly updating and offering new features at Easybitpay Payment Gateway. With just one app, you can try to meet all your online payment needs without the need to use multiple apps. Easybitpay Payment Gateway offers a wide range of services in one application.

Way Easybitpay works

Work Process


You do not need to register for Easybitpay. You can log in to the site with just one Google account and use Easybitpay services. Remember to complete your information after entering the site so that authentication can be done and we can provide you with a cryptocurrency payment gateway.


2Select Your Payment Gateway

After registration and authentication, you can create your application. To do this, you must specify the units acceptable to your payment gateway. Easybitpay allows you to use multiple currencies along with Perfect Money at the same time so that you can provide services to more users.


3Connect the payment gateway to the software

At this point, your connection keys are ready. You can use these keys to connect the payment gateway to your site. This process is designed to be very simple and there is a very detailed user guide on the site that you can read


Why Easybitpay is special

The following features are a reason to use Easybitpay

No waste of time

The time required to receive and use the Easybitpay payment gateway is very short

Varify process

We have provided you with a fast but secure authentication system

Global service

It is possible for you to use Easybitpay services all over the world

all types of stores

It doesn't matter what store you use or what you sell. Easybitpay is at your service

Professional panel

A professional user panel is provided for you to manage payments and payment gateways

User friendly

Using an Easybitpay is very simple and requires no special expertise, and everyone can use it.


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Start changing now

The world is moving towards digital currencies. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Isibitpy will help you along the way

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